Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello and welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed a happy and restful summer. I'm looking forward to beginning a new school year and to meeting all my new students.

Here is a list of the supplies I would like my 5th grade students to have:

*one small three-ring binder
*binder paper
*two spiral notebooks - single subject/wide ruled
*two twin pocket folders (paper ones are fine)
*several #2 pencils
*set of colored pencils
*personal pencil sharpener
*two of each - blue and red ball point pens
*small scissors
*a paperback college level dictionary
*a chapter book for silent reading time

Once school begins, I will post a blog each day, keeping everyone updated on homework assignments and important events.

Thanks and see you all on Monday!

Mrs. Koue

Monday, September 30, 2013

I will be sending home confirmation slips for next week's conferences tomorrow.  A few parents did not sign up at Back to School Night, so I will email them with some possible dates.

I realize I made an error on the due date for the book report on last Thursday's post.  The book report is due tomorrow, not on the 12th.  Since this might have been confusing, I will accept the reports later this week if necessary - by Thursday.  Thanks.


Read:  30 min.
Math:  pg. 49 (all) and 50 (choose 3)
Book Talk book report:  due tomorrow
Bridge to Terabithia vocabulary:  test on Thursday (15 words)
Spelling:  Homework and test on Friday.
News Team #4: Prepare for Friday.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The cell projects were awesome, and we all enjoyed our cell tasting!  Wonderful work everyone.


Read:  30 min.
Math:  Review Sheet
Language:  Finish Possessive Noun packet and language review sheet.
Science:  Study!

***Book Report due on Tuesday, 10/12.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Read: 30 min.
Math:  pg. 47 (all) and pg. 48 (choose 3)
Cell Project due tomorrow.
Vocabulary due tomorrow.
Science Test:  Friday

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I went over how to write a book summary today and everyone started (if not finished) a rough draft.  I sent home a summary guideline sheet for reference.  The final draft of the summary should be attached to the book talk sheet.

***I sent home several missing work sheets yesterday with corrected work.  I received only a few back today.   Please check with your child to see if she or he is missing any assignments.  Thank you.


Read: 30 min.
Math:  pg. 45 and 46
Vocabulary:  Thursday
Cell Project: Thursday
Science Test: Friday

Monday, September 23, 2013

 It was so nice to meet all of you at Back to School Night last week. I know there just wasn't enough time to personally speak with each of you, but please know that you can always email me or stop by after school if you have any questions or concerns.  I really appreciate your support and am looking forward to a great year with your children.

I've asked my students to bring their book report books to class tomorrow.  I will go over how to write a summary.  The final draft summary and the book report sheet are due next Tuesday, 10/1.

The cell project is due this Thursday,  and our first science test is scheduled for this Friday.


Read:  30 min.
Math:  pg. 43 (all) and 44 (choose 3)
Terabithia vocabulary homework:  due on Thurs.
Cell Project: due on Thurs.
Science:  Test on Friday - use your study guide.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parents, I look forward to seeing you all tonight!


Read:  30 min.
Math:  pg. 39 (all) and 40 (choose 3)
Language:  Finish noun packet.
Spelling: Finish homework and study words.
News Team #3:  Prepare for tomorrow.